With @fejimanz visiting for another night, we had to consume some more In-n-Out. And with some freshly smuggled Canadian cheese curds in hand, it had to be poutine. So we set out to do it two ways – a poutine burger, then just a regular poutine.

True to form, we started by making our own gravy. The original idea was to make a beef gravy using some of a chopped up patty, but in the end we just decided a standard gravy would probably work better with the burger.

Gravy done, time to get stacking. Started with two regular cheeseburgers, just assembled in two different ways. First – burger, curds, fries, gravy. Second – burger, fries, gravy, curds. Which ever way you choose, it won’t really matter, you’re going to have a damn good poutine burger (note: if you do want to try this, order the burger sans special sauce – it overpowers the gravy and curds).

Lastly, with some left over fries and gravy, we just made a quick poutine with fries, gravy, and curds. This was really good. Just simple, yet tasty.



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