Bread PuddIn-n-Out

This idea has been floating around in our heads for a while. After some quick research, we decided it’d be pretty easy to pull off. Buy a couple hamburgers the day before, strip out the meat, and dry out the buns. Fast forward a day, buy a large vanilla shake, another hamburger with grilled onions + extra grilled onions, and some fries (light well, of course), and you’re set.

Take the dried buns, cut them into 1-inch pieces, take a cup/cup and a half of the vanilla shake, add 2 eggs, beat, pour over bread, and viola! bread pudding. We added grilled onions to half of the bread pudding and that’s the half you want to eat.

After it’s done baking at 400 for 20 minutes, top with chopped up patty, frozen vanilla shake, fries, and special sauce and you have yourself an amazing Bread PuddIn-n-Out.



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