After frying up our MontIn CristOut burgers, we had hot oil to use, plenty more burgers and fries, and the idea of somehow constructing an In-n-Out corndog. Sadly, none of our ideas really panned out. The batter came out great, but it was thicker and heavier than the monte cristo batter and was tough to work with when push came to shove.

Our initial plan was to grind up a burger similar to my previous “baby food” experiment, roll it in cheese, then batter and deep fry it. However, the cheese didn’t really want to cooperate, and when trying to batter anything, it all fell apart due to the stickiness and heaviness of the batter itself.

In the end, we just ended up trying to batter half a burger on its own on a stick and that’s what came out the best once we figured out how to keep it together. It was a fun experiment, but a mostly failed experiment.



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