With fejimanz’s brother in town, we knew we had to step up our game for this creation. So we went with an idea we had been cultivating for a while – In-n-Out ravioli. Which then morphed into perogies as well.


Basically, our idea was to just make ravioli and perogies stuffed with various In-n-Out fillings (it was the basis for this experiment 7 months ago – the baby burger). So, on our second try for pasta dough, we had it and we started filling them.


The first filling was pretty much the same as the baby burger – basically, everything in the bun ground up – patty, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce – this was the filling for the ravioli. We then varied slightly with the perogies, stuffing them with a ground up filling of fries, cheese, and onions. Lastly, there was one attempt to just do a fry and cheese ravioli, but it didn’t work out.


To top it all off, we wanted a sauce, but knew the sauce provided by In-n-Out breaks down into an oily mess when heated (see: In-n-Out Lasagne). So we set out to make our own. We started with the tomato base, added relish, sugar, ketchup, balsamic vinegar, and patty meat. The meat sauce actually turned out quite well and we were pleasantly surprised. It did need a bit more sweetness to it, so we all ended up adding some sauce packets to the meat sauce at the end and it was pretty close to perfection.


It all sounds pretty simple, but making the pasta dough from scratch and rolling it out by hand was pretty tough. In the end though, we had tons of fun doing it and it tasted great. We paired it all with some beer and parmesan garlic toast, consisting of the buns, buttered and coated with garlic powder and parmesan.


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