In-n-Out French Toast

While the french toast title may appear misleading at first, towards the end it will make sense. Both feji and I had some different ideas about what exactly we were doing and how it was going to turn out, but in the end, we made three amazing dishes.

The first was the parmesan and garlic texas toast In-n-Out grilled cheese. Pretty simple idea here, butter one side of the toast, add some garlic and parmesan, put that down on the pan, add a slice of cheese, patty with grilled onion, another slice of cheese and then the other piece of bread. Butter/parmesan/garlic, flip when cooked, and viola! In-n-Out grilled cheese encrusted with parmesan and garlic. Dip in some spread, and you’re golden. Next time, we’ll add chilies and another slice or two of cheese as for a grilled cheese, it wasn’t the cheesiest.


Next up, French French Fries. As in french toasted french fries. Make your batter – half and half, egg, honey, cinnamon, a pinch of salt, arrange some fries on a spatula (or on our first try – a bun), submerge in batter, and fry. With a quick flip, you have french toasted french fries. Almost a potato pancake or latke, but just with egg/milk batter. Quite tasty as well, a bit of a pain to get them battered originally, but they stuck together nicely once cooked a little.


Lastly, we were going to do the grilled cheese again, but had so much french toast batter left over, we decided on a french toast burger. Feji opted for the open face sandwich – fully submerged a piece of toast in batter, cooked one side, flipped, added cheese, patty, cheese, and covered to cook until done. Chop it up, add some syrup or spread, and enjoy.

I on the other hand went a different direction. Instead of submerging the french toast for the burger, I half soaked it, and put that down on the pan. Added cheese, patty, cheese, and covered to cook. Once that half was done, I removed it, did the same with the other half for french toasting, added back the first half, and had a lovely burger sandwiched between two pieces of french toast. With a bit of syrup and/or spread, it was complete.

Got a few questions at the In-n-Out while ordering, but they are always more than willing to help. We first placed the order for just four patties, but they can’t add grilled onions to a patty or give you grilled onions in a boat, so to fix it, we just ordered hamburgers plain with grilled onions. 8 slices of cheese on the side, 6 packets of sauce, and 3 orders of fries later and we were set. We need to get cards made or something to hand out to the employees as I’m sure they’d lvove to see these monstrosities.



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