In-n-Out Mac and Taco

Just a quick, simple update today. Was headed to In-n-Out and wanted to switch it up a bit, so figured I’d attempt a big mac clone. While In-n-Out doesn’t have shredded lettuce the same way as McDonald’s does, you can still get pretty close substituting grilled onions for raw (since the raw onions at McDonald’s are chopped fine), and adding in an extra bottom bun for the middle Big Mac bun.

So, it was a double single, no tomatoes, grilled onions, extra spread, and a grilled cheese on the side, cheese only. Disassemble the grilled cheese, stick it between the two patties, add some extra spread, and there you have it.

When that was done, I was left with half a grilled cheese – top bun half – and nothing to do with it, so I added spread and fries, folded it in half and had a quasi-taco. Just bun, cheese, spread & fries. Enjoy the pics!



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