In-n-Out Lasagne

It was either lasagne or ravioli. Due to time constraints, lasagne won. After discussing possible build combinations with a few people, this was the final order settled upon:

  1. Sauce
  2. Lasagne Pasta
  3. Patties (double double w/grilled onions)
  4. Sauce
  5. Fries
  6. Sauce
  7. Lasagne Pasta
  8. Top Bun (the half with cheese – cut to size to maximize cheese)
  9. Pickles
  10. Patties (double double w/grilled onions)
  11. Tomatoes
  12. Heavy sauce
  13. “Croutons” – other top buns (with cheese – cut in half to maximize cheese and then chopped to crouton size)

And thus, you have it, an “appetizing” dinner, baked for an hour at 375 with the last 10 minutes uncovered to crisp the “croutons.” Overall, it was enjoyed, and with the bottom buns, you could make a sort of open-face in-n-out lasagne sandwich. Yes we’re a bit crazy, but when you have visitors from Thailand, how else are you supposed to entertain them?



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